Pro-Shine Silver Finish

GemOptions Pro-Shine Silver Finishing Polish.
Factory oxide finish compared to GemOptions Pro-Shine.
Standard factory finish, on many medals and crosses, is a dull antique black oxidized dip. Some folks like it and others prefer shiny bright silver. GemOptions Pro-Shine polishing system produces a very bright mirror like shine with 10 power anti-tarnish protection. Pro Silver Shine is not a coating but our formulated polish with superior anti-tarnish inhibitors.

Scapular medal with antique finish.Scapular medal shiny finish.

Factory antique finish shown upper images.
The upper images depict scapular medals with the factory antique black oxidized dip finish.
The lower images are GemOptions Pro-Shine finished examples.

Medals polished with our Pro-Shine formula are so shiny camera settings and angle had to be made to tone the reflection down. The matt back ground and lighting was the same. Pro-Shine images look dark in areas only due to high reflections. The actual medals are evenly shiny throughout.

Back side scapular medal with antique finish.Back side scapular medal with shiny finish.

GemOptions Pro-Shine finish examples.
Pro-Shine is free for medals and crosses manufactured for GemOptions. A small nominal fee is charged for some factory supplied medals and crosses. It is free for most medals that have die struck. Pro-Shine finish is not available for specialty medals such as blue glazed medals.

Images by R Lazine for GemOptions Jewelry custom workmanship examples. Copyright 2005.

Please note. Sorry, our Pro-Shine silver polishing formula is not for sale separately.
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