Submit Your Own Pictures

Subject: We can design Charm Gem Jewelry from your personal pictures.

Dear Patron,

Thank you for your interest in our own "Charm Gem" jewelry.
Most images, digital or photographs in color or in black and white can be used.

No. 1. First step is to submit your picture such as these examples below.


Black and white photographs can be used. They look great in Sterling Silver.
Most of us have black and white family photos from the past such as grandparents,
children (now adults), and pets. Recapture and protect them in a Charm Gem.

No. 2. Second step we crop and proof the image in examples shown below.

President John F. Kennedy Oval Bust in Color       President Reagan Riding on horseback      President Lincoln Sitting Bust

Tip! Keep the submitted images simple. Large images such as family group shots, for example, do not fit well.
A simple bust of a person or two, a pet, or place is great. Baby pictures or a wedding picture could work.

The picture(s) are examined to determine best fit with the gemstone.

Double sided picture Charm Gems can be made. You can have an image on the backside of most mountings or a short phrase added. This is a double process that will require a quote when you submit your pictures and/or phrase (32 character max).

When your picture has been cropped for optimal fit, we send you the results.
This will give you an accurate visual view of the finished image to be used in development and installation in our mountings.

Then you approve or disapprove the results and contact me via email reply. If you disapprove let me know what changes you require if any. I will check to see if it's possible and recontact you on results.

Note: We can also make adjustments to your images such as red eye, color, blips, add in another image or even replace backgrounds. Work like that will be quoted for your approval.

No. 3.
Once the artwork is approved and the mounting selected a page will be published up for you to purchase it.

Personal Data Note.
We all understand issues regarding personal data and/or images especially regarding our children on the internet. You images are your property and shall not be used for any other purpose other than to develop your jewelry. Important note: If you wish to submit other images than your own from other photographers or painters please observe their Copy Rights
that may exist. Check with the owner(s) to avoid problems.

Therefore, if you wish to keep the image off of the internet, I can publish up a checkout link without the image you approved or simply send an invoice via PayPal for these privacy issues. You don't need a PayPal account to pay just a credit card.
You may also send a money order to the address below.

It sounds complicated but it is not.

First step, send me a picture via email or by mail. Then I'll step you through the process. That's it.

Free backup service. We back up the finished artwork onto a secure disc to be locked up in our vault. This protects you and your artwork in case your jewelry is damaged, lost or stolen. Just call or write and we can re-produce the Charm Gem fast.

Also we have many other items in development such as pins, tie tacks and pendants. Thus we can forgo the development process and simply make another Charm Gem for other mountings for you as they become available.

If you wish artwork here deleted for privacy reasons I will send you the finished artwork and you can maintain it. Your choice. Let me know when the jewelry is finished. I shall remind you.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Click here for inquires>

Send images to:

Thank you, Richard.


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