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Patron Saints
Christian 14kt Solid Gold Patron Saints Medal Gallery.
Featuring: St. Christopher Plain and Decorated Gold Pendant Medals.
Religious 14kt solid gold Christian patron saints medals.
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St. Christopher floral, scallop and star necklace pendants.
Christian patron Saints in St Christopher, St Jude, St Michael, Four Way Medals and more.

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floral st christopher pendant plain saint christopher medal scallop st christopher pendant
St Christopher medal pendant. St Christopher medal pendant.
3 sizes.
St Christopher scallop edge medal pendant.
2 sizes.
St. Christoper Carrying Jesus lead glass St. Christopher Carrying Jesus Across the River.
A large man from Palestine, he worked for a while helping travelers ford a raging river, as a human ferry. One day a small child asked for this service. Perched on Christopher's shoulder, the child grew heavier and heavier as they crossed the stream. Reaching the other shore, Christopher asked him "Who are you, that you placed me in such peril. It seems I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders". The child replied "You not only carried the world, but him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King". Saint known for Travelers.
Click image left for more St. Christopher information.
floral edge st christopher pendant starlet st christopher medal Starlet ray st christopher medal
Saint Christopher Medal. Saint Christopher Medal. Saint Christopher Medal.





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